The design process


The design process

The secret to getting ahead is getting started


We've made the process as simple as possible to avoid any unecessary delays or annoying hiccups with your project. After all, the sooner we get your brand and website up and running, the sooner you can get on with taking on the world.


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First things first. If this relationship is going to prosper then we need to get up close and personal and get to know your business a little better. We'll need to ask you a few questions about the nature of your business, your target audience, and the story you'd like to tell. Oh, and not forgetting your budget. Once we understand where you're coming from (and where you'd like to go) we're in a much better place to deliver you a brand and website that will achieve all of your goals, and then some.


Before we start work on the creative bit, we'll need to plot a course for the project. We'll show you what you can expect to see and when. In return, there are certain things we'll need from you, such as a realistic timescale for the web content. In our experience, failure to manage expectations often leads to a change of course, which won't benefit either party. We only specialise in nice surprises, and never nasty ones!

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This is the where the magic starts and the creative juices flow! We'll take a close look at your business based on what we know so far, painting a picture of your target audience and competition, so we can begin to develop a brand which will give you a real edge. We'll show you a minimum of 3 logos to choose from and allow you 2 sets of design amends before you make a final decision. Once a logo has been signed off we can then start to bring your brand to life on the small screen.


Now it's time to get down in Pixeltown! All of our websites are built on Squarespace, so the first task is to find a template which best fits your functionality. It's useful to get an idea of any existing sites you really like or specific ideas you'd like us to incorporate. Once we start to develop your new website, you'll be able to see it come to life so you can communicate any feedback to us at certain points along the journey.

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Once you're happy with the site and we've tested it thoroughly for any glitches you are ready for the off. We'll launch the site on your behalf and once you're fully up and running then we'll do a smooth handover with Squarespace to ensure your new site is fully supported. That's it - you are now ready to take on the world!